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Permanent Makeup
Now you can have beautiful, full, and feathery permanent eyebrows with Natural Touch Permanent Makeup. Wake up every morning with perfectly shaped brows and you have no need to worry about it any more. 

With Permanent Makeup, we create full, and well-shaped brows that are youthful and attractive. Many people use permanent make up to fill in and shape eyebrows that are sparse, uneven, or even unshapely. Most women who have these issues use an eyebrow pencil daily to correct these flaws, but now you can have permanent eyebrows created instead!
Beautiful Brows Without The Pencil
Natural Touch Permanent Makeup L.L.C ® 4833 Carolina Beach Road Wilmington, NC 28142
  • Gives Your Eyebrows A Lift
  • Enhance Your Sparse Eyebrows
  • Natural Enough For Men
  • Tame Your Unruly Eyebrows
  • Reconstruct The Outer Portion Of Your Eyebrow
  • Shape The Inner Portion Of Your Eyebrow
  • Reconstruct Your Entire Eyebrow
  • Reduce The Apperance Of Scars & Wrinkles
What Can I Expect When I Get My Eyebrows Done?
When you come to your appointment you may bring a picture of a shape or color you had in mind for your eyebrows.  You can even come in with your brows drawn in as you like them.  We will design your brows in the Natural Touch color, exactly as you want them, create an outline, and begin your new look.  If you don't have an idea of what you would like yet, we will consult with you and together we will create a beautiful looking eyebrow with permanent makeup that fits your bone structure and determine which brow shape will give you the most flattering and youthful appearance.

Immediately following your procedure, you will notice that the treatment area is very dark, much darker than you originally wanted. This is due to a process called oxidation. Fresh color reacts with air and turns temporarily darker, the same way a slice of apple turns darker when it is left out for too long. Once a few days go by, you will see the color fade back to the color you originally chose within the next week.  We will provide you with a post-treatment kit to use during your recovery period with instructions.  You will be scheduled for a follow up appointment to make sure your brows are perfect. 
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